Tahko has a goal to achieve The Sustainable Travel Finland certificate by the year 2024. Involved in achieving the goal, there are approximately 20 of our regions tourism businesses that believe that developing tourism towards sustainability is good for our destination as well as the visitors’ comfort and wellbeing. When we value and cherish our destination together, we also treasure each of its residents and visitors.


Tahko Spa Hotel is one of the 20 businesses that carry the responsibility of our region’s sustainable development.

Tahko Spa Hotel has been granted the Ekokompassi -certificate in May of 2021 and now we are applying for the Sustainable Travel Finland certificate during the year 2022.

In long term, sustainability requires planned, nature respecting and nurturing actions, therefor where possible we utilize nearby regions products and services in our actions. On of our most important values is employing local experts.

Mostly known as a ski resort, Tahko gathers most of the people during the winter time, which is why we have aimed to develop our services to be year-round. By year-roundness we ensure our financial profitability. Unlike most business’ services some of our services aren’t our own. We take advantage of circular economy.

As a business that offers sports and leisure time services nature is close to our heart. We couldn’t offer as diverse experiences as we do without the beautiful and clean nature of Tahko. This is why we are committed to energy and water saving measures, such as showers that work on motion detection in part of our apartments. We encourage our guests to recycle by having recycling bins around our experience centre.

We familiarize and train our staff to respect all sectors of responsibility and develop ourselves towards more responsible experience production.

Please promise too to treasure and value both nature and its inhabitants during your journey.